History and experience

Let’s go back 13 years before the creation of Sûti ...

Pierre Girretz, a young entrepreneur who loves ecology is convinced that the birth of the pellet will revolutionize the world of heating.

Becoming exclusive distributor in the Benelux for a famous Italian brand, he will set up 500 points of sale, realizing 25.000.000 euros of turnover in a year !

As the designer of this project could not find the stove of his dreams, the idea of creating one came to him. Let’s take this new challenge !

The objective in focus, he then designed the stove, wanting to make it an effective, aesthetic and connected product, and at the same time more practical, more comfortable and better adapted to a daily use.
SÛTI is then born…


SÛTI is studied, designed, tested, stored in Belgium and works with the best specialized European companies.

The foundry is of French origin and the electronics of Italian origin.

Each component is 100% European.

SûTi comes from a flourishing imagination that will look for the product it needs where the quality is the best.

The products are designed to give more value to your device.

SûTi listens, feeds on feedback from clients and acquires experience at countless international exhibitions around the world. SûTi means in Walloon 'intelligent'.

Reseach & development


Our partnership with the best laboratories allows us to use all the tools necessary to realize our
innovative ideas.

• 1 Patent : Thanks to this experiment, we develop a selfcleaning pellet burner.

• The collective center of the technology industry SIRRIS offers its experience, support, advice and infrastructure and helps Belgian companies to make good technological choices for sustainable economic prosperity.

• CEWAC is a centre of services, studies and applied researches for the benefit of companies.


SûTi is committed to continuous improvement in the energy performance of pellet and wood heating appliances.
We are convinced that the sale of our products helps to protect our planet and your wallet.
We chose this business for this economic and responsible approach.
This contributes to the new international policy of awareness of the incontestable global warming..


5 & 3-year WARRANTY

SûTi offers a 5-year warranty on the heating body and the cast iron crucible and 3-year on electronics (under conditions).

Our high-quality design offices and researchers who are experts in their field, allow us to manufacture you an equipment that complies with the strictest European directives.

The various SûTi production centers comply with all international guidelines. Our products comply with EN 14785 and are CE certified.

We perform electronic and manual ignition tests for each safety, temperature and smoke device, as well as for the vacuum pressure switch of the duct before packaging the finished product.

We are committed to constantly improving our products.



Sûti is a name that initially made us smile but which sums up quite well a lively and malignant state of mind.
It is with this reflection that we have reflected and imagined the Sûti stoves.
In our approach we tried to have an overall view of things in order to set priorities. These can be of various orders but always put the person at the center of our preoccupations. It was obvious that the exclusive technical quality of the Sûti stoves had to be expressed by a design of obvious perceived quality.
We have paid great attention to the fact that the different models are integrated harmoniously and with sobriety into the most different interiors.
However, several specific keywords have guided us in the search for different Sûti models.
The Sûti I combines a formal simplicity counterbalanced by the formal specificity of the door and the upper part of the stove. It will elegantly integrate your interior covered with its glass, steel or stone.

The Sûti S, the most supple and feminine one, is also available in different versions that make it endearing.
If you prefer an exclusive version, the Sûti U offers you the metallic modernity of its design.
Storage and design addicted will choose for the Sûti T stove with its large pellet storage capacity.
Thanks to the clear vision of collaboration between the various stakeholders, the cooperation was fast and efficient!



The Sûti pellet stove is designed airproof (houses with mechanical controlled ventilation, renovation, low-energy houses).

If properly installed, it will prevent smoke and odor from entering the room where it is located.

All our Sûti pellet stoves are equipped with a diameter 100 chimney outlet, allowing a 50% greater natural draft. In case of a power failure, the natural draft will evacuate the fumes.

Our SÛTI pellet stoves are equipped with mechanical and electronic sensors of t ° and pressure which constantly check the correct functioning of the stove. The appliances have a valve that prevents overpressure in the heating body. A double glass is installed to avoid the burns of the small ones (the window remains however hot).

The new SÛTI burner has innovations still unpublished.


The crucible of the Sûti pellet stoves is structured so that it is self-cleaning. This avoids the daily cleaning imposed by the competitors and reduces its maintenance to once a week.

This burner offers outstanding combustion properties in low and high power, reduces the ignition time of our Sûti pellet stoves by 35% (saving electricity and increasing efficiency).

A deflector makes it possible to direct the flame so as not to foul the window and has a double combustion.


5-year warranty on the heating body

Sûti pellet stoves have an heating body made of cast iron and steel that is designed for easy cleaning and provides quick and efficient access to all components requiring cleaning. This limits maintenance costs.

The door, the crucible and the exchanger are made of cast iron (very robust). The stove is equipped with a large tank that can recover more than a week of ashes, a window cleaning by preheated fresh air supply, to boost the yields.

Our ceramic (spark plug) resistance has an estimated lifespan of 7 years (2.5 times greater than the competition).

Each perforation, shape and angle of our heat exchangers have been optimized to obtain the best yields and optimized efficiency (down to the smallest detail!).

Our burner combined with our airproof heating body and our heated fresh air window cleaning, provides an extremely low atmospheric release rate of dust, NOX, CO2, CO and yields above 93% of his capacity.