S for Silence...


Enjoy a noiseless flame thanks to SÛTI's SILENT MODE! 

Apart from its inaudible Brushless auger motor, SÛTI presents a fan that can be disengaged in power 1 or in powers 1 and 2. You therefore benefit from complete silence 95 % of the time!  

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Canalization option

All SÛTI models and powers are canalizable (optional). 

There are 3 working modes with the canalization option: 

- Disable the canalization fan for all powers. 

- The canalization fan's speed follows the stove powers automatically.

- The speed of the canalization fan can be set manually. 

Technical details:

- Insulated pipe diam. 80

- max. 4,5 m length

- 2 bends

Option canalisation | SÛTI