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The SÛTI Wifi application combines the complete management of your SUTI pellet stove connected to the internet thanks to your home wifi networks and that in a real secure way thanks to its IP address.

On this application you will be able to manage:

  • The thermostatic weekly programming:allows you to select the time at which your device will turn on and off. Several different types of ignition and extinguishment are possible at different temperatures adjustable (Night17 °, working 20 °, comfort 23 °)!

  • Automatic mode : allows the unit to modulate its power according to a requested temperature.

  • ECO-STOP : allows the unit to turn on or off at a desired temperature.

  • the canalization

  • the LED-system

You will benefit from other advantages such as: 

  • Updates  available to improve our services

  • Instructions for use 

  • Control and verification messages

  • Guarantee certificate sent by the app

  • Information request by mail or phone