We know that our Sûti stove will be present in your interior
winter and summer. Our duty is therefore to make it more
Design, Technological & Useful


5-year warranty on the heating body and the cast iron crucible.

a 3-year warranty on electronics (under conditions).

Quartz candle : provides a faster ignition and has a longer service life of +/- 7 years.


Auto-stop Fan

Very quiet fan that turns off in powers 1 & 2 to enjoy a complete silence!

Brushless auger motor 0dB 

to enjoy an economical

and silent stove

Canalization option: All models and powers are canalizable. Insulated pipe diam. 80, max. 4,5m length and 2 bends


AUTO Burn System

Sensor, probe, allowing to adapt the consumption of the granulate according to its quality, the atmospheric conditions and the fouling. The incoming air flow will automatically vary for a controlled consumption and a perfect combustion without adjustments.

Automatic mode 

Function allowing the unit to modulate its power according to a requested temperature.

Clean Smoke

Thanks to the triple combustion and to the fine particles filter, the stove has an optimum combustion. This is a first for a pellet stove !


Suti-APP: Application to manage your device remotely via a smartphone or a tablet. Device on Android and IOS.

Suti-WiFi Service: Thanks to your Internet connection and the IP address of your stove, the device can be remotely repaired for simple parameter changes and updates.


ECO-STOP: This function allows the unit to turn on or off at a desired temperature

Thermostatic weekly programming : enables you to select the time at which your device will turn on and off. Several possible ignitions and extinctions at different adjustable temperatures!

SÛTI thermostat : manages completely your SÛTI stove (ignition, extinction, thermostatic programming).


Optional : can be connected to a relay system that controls your central heating and enables you to save more than 40% in fuel!  


Indirect LED lighting Indirect lighting on the wall to illuminate your evenings, summers and winters.

Kit-up: Adjustable corner to fix the stove onto the wall for a perfect finish (models S, Û, i).

SECURITY of the SÛTI devices

The Sûti pellet stove is designed airproof (houses with mechanical controlled ventilation, renovation, low-energy houses).

If properly installed, it will prevent smoke and odor from entering the room where it is located.

All our Sûti pellet stoves are equipped with a diameter 100 chimney outlet, allowing a 50% greater natural draft. In case of a power failure, the natural draft will evacuate the fumes.

Our SÛTI pellet stoves are equipped with mechanical and electronic sensors of t ° and pressure which constantly check the correct functioning of the stove. The appliances have a valve that prevents overpressure in the heating body. A double glass is installed to avoid the burns of the small ones (the window remains however hot).

SÛTI Burner

The new SÛTI burner has innovations still unpublished. The crucible of the Sûti pellet stoves is structured so that it is self-cleaning. This avoids the daily cleaning imposed by the competitors and reduces its maintenance to once a week.

This burner offers outstanding combustion properties in low and high power, reduces the ignition time of our Sûti pellet stoves by 35% (saving electricity and increasing efficiency).

A deflector makes it possible to direct the flame so as not to foul the window and has a double combustion.

5 years warranty on the airproof heating body

Sûti pellet stoves have an heating body made of cast iron and steel that is designed for easy cleaning and provides quick and efficient access to all components requiring cleaning. This limits maintenance costs.

The door, the crucible and the exchanger are made of cast iron (very robust). The stove is equipped with a large tank that can recover more than a week of ashes, a window cleaning by preheated fresh air supply, to boost the yields. Our ceramic (spark plug) resistance has an estimated lifespan of 7 years (2.5 times greater than the competition). Each perforation, shape and angle of our heat exchangers have been optimized to obtain the best yields and optimized efficiency (down to the smallest detail!).


Our burner combined with our airproof heating body and our heated fresh air window cleaning, provides an extremely low atmospheric release rate of dust, NOX, CO2, CO and yields above 93% of his capacity.