Consumption and

fine particles filter!

SÛTI is committed to continuous improvement in the energy performance of pellet and wood heating appliances.

We are convinced that the sale of our products helps to protect our planet and your wallet.

We chose this business for this economic and responsible approach that contributes to the awareness of the incontestable global warming.

Thanks to its output and power consumption, the stove corresponds to the environmental standards A++ 2022. Moreover, it contains a fine particles filter that enables an optimum combustion.


Triple consumption

Fine particles filter

All our products have an automatic system of air & pellets supply. According to the clogging, the quality of the pellet and the negative pressure of the chimney, the stove will adjust automatically. Technically, according to the value of the negative pressure measured by a device (vacuometer), the stove will act on the extractor speed in order to maintaining the defined Pascal value, and act on the pellet feeding screw.

The Pascal value is adjusted automatically according to the chimney.


The basic value for a CE chimney with 10 Pa draw is 0. If the chimney has less draught, you can change by up to 2 Pa at a time to avoid oxygen overheating and overheating that could cause structural problems. 


Sensor, probe, allowing to adapt the consumption of the pellet according to its quality and the atmospheric conditions, and the fouling. The incoming air flow will automatically vary for a controlled consumption and a perfect combustion without adjustments.​


Autoregulation and SÛTI-BURN-SYSTEM


All our stoves are equipped with a device that manages the combustible according to the power and to the smoke temperature. This device is called AUTOREGULATION. For each power according to the smoke temperature to be reached, the hearth will modify its % of pellets in order to reach the requested temperature.


To activate the autoregulation, use the parameter “auto reg on/off”.

If the pellet used is particularly powerful or of unconventional size, easy adjustment can be made.


All these values ​​change automatically on all powers and even on the ignition phase, thanks to "ADJ PELLET".

Thanks to the triple combustion and to the fine particles filter, the stove has an optimum combustion. This is a first for a pellet stove !

Fine particles filter!

Baffle system to retain fine particles before they are released into the air, expelled by the chimney.

What is a fine particle?


Fine particles are a class of particles suspended in the ambient air, with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns. Unlike larger diameter dust, fine particles are too small to drop to the ground simply by gravity. Other factors (precipitation, aggregation) are therefore necessary for their sedimentation.


Health impact


Because of their size and long-lasting persistence as aerosols, fine particles, and a fortiori ultrafine, infiltrate deep into the airways.


Depending on their degree of concentration and toxicity, they can cause in the short or long term pathologies that range from simple inflammation to the most serious conditions. It should be noted that a fine particle also acts as a condensation nucleus, to which other pollutants are added that further accentuate its toxicity.

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