The SÛTI models: Design & Useful pellet stoves

The choice of elegance




8.5 kW / 9.5 kW / 11 kW

Canalization option for all powers

A pellet stove from 3370 € excl. VAT!


8,5 kW / 9,5 kW / 11 kW 

Canalization option for all powers


8,5 kW / 9,5 kW / 11 kW 

Canalization option for all powers


8,5 kW / 9,5 kW / 11 kW 

Canalization option for all powers

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Our designers



Sûti is a name that made us smile at first but which pretty much sums up a lively and clever state of mind. It is with this reflection that we invented and imagined the Sûti stoves.


In our approach, we tried to have a global vision of things in order to set priorities. These can be of various kinds, but always with the client at the center of our concerns. It was obvious that the exclusive technical quality of the Sûti stoves had to be expressed by a design of obvious perceived quality.

We have paid great attention to ensuring that the different models are integrated harmoniously and with sobriety into the most diverse interiors.


Several specific keywords have guided us in the search for the different Sûti models:


The Sûti I combines a formal simplicity counterbalanced by the formal specificity of the door and the upper part of the stove. It will elegantly integrate your interior whether it is covered in glass, steel or stone.

The Sûti S, more supple and feminine, also comes in different finishes which make it endearing.

If you prefer an exclusive version, the Sûti U offers you the metallic modernity of its design.

Storage and pragmatic design enthusiasts will opt for the Sûti T stove with its large pellet storage capacity.

Thanks to the clear vision of collaboration between the various stakeholders, the cooperation was quick and efficient!