Do you want a feminine elegant touch, full of finesse? You have found your partner of warmth and decoration. S as sensuality, safe, serene, stylish ... A signature that promises!
And if it's not enough, during your winter or summer evenings, you will enjoy the ambient light diffused at the back of your model S pellet stove. Indirect light for immediate effect!




Technical details:

  • SÛTI thermostat : manages completely your SÛTI stove (ignition, extinction, thermostatic programming). Optional : can be connected to a relay system that controls your central heating and enables you to save more than 40% in fuel! 

  • Available airproof in 8,5kw in 9,5kw and in 11kw also canalizable.

  • Stone or glass finish and possibility to hang it.

  • Has a heat storage system with refractory stones that will extend the diffusion of heat for several hours.

  • Angle adjustable to fix the device onto the wall

  • 5-year guarantee on the heating body and cast iron crucible.

  • 3-year guarantee on electronics

  • Window cleaning system by preheated fresh air supply

  • Large capacity ash tray (1 week)

  • Reserve of pellets of 20kg.

  • Brushless auger motor, completely inaudible. The motor works constantly for a better combustion, better output, important lifespan, screw anti-blocking system

  • Very quiet fan + AUTO-STOP system. the fan stop when the temperature of the heater is low. Disengaged.

SILENT MODE :In powers 1 & 2, turn off the fan and enjoy complete silence!

  • LED-system projected on the wall, with remote control (to pretend there is a presence)

  • SÛTI-BURN-SYSTEM adapts pellet loading and air supply according to the flue gas temperature and the pressure measured in Pascal.

  • KIT -UP : to fix the stove to the wall

  • ECO-STOP :  to switch off the appliance according to the requested temperature

  • QUARTZ CANDLE : Fast ignition and lifespan  estimated at 7 years

  • MODE-AUTOMATIC PLUS : self-regulation of the power according to the requested t °

  •  Service 7/ 7 ; identical spare parts for all models (small stock needed)

  • Smartphone management SÛTI-APP & remote troubleshooting SÛTI-Connect-Service

    • Messages for the maintenance, explaining messages for controls (with texts and images), verifications that the private users can do themselves, messages to check the biannual and annual cleaning…

    •  Instructions for use available on the app

    • Guarantee certificate sent by the application when the devise is first put into use

    • Management of the stove thermostatic programming (with 3 t °)

    •  Management of the canalisation

    •  Management of the LED-system

    •  Information request by email or phone for an integrated service

  • Triple combustion of the smokes for a better output, total combustion with less NOx and CO…

  • Fine particles filter : baffle that enables to limit the amount of fine particles in the atmosphere. Belgian royal decree < 30mg/Nm³. Maintenance once a year, or when you reach 2500 kg.

  • Touch-screen synoptic panel multi-positions. Can be placed on the left or on the right.

  • Can be installed 5cm from the wall !

  • Made in BELGIUM (complete assembling phase in Brussels) & in EUROPE (for all the components)

  • Certified A++

  • Output in nominal power of 94,6 %

  • Environmental performance index: I = 0,07

  • Prime index: I' = 0,098

SÛTI | synoptic panel
Thermostat Sûti cadré.jpg

All models (SP1, ÛP1, TP1 et IP1) and powers (8,5 kW, 9,5 kW et 11 kW) are canalizable. 

Insulated pipe diam. 80, max. 4,5m length and 2 bends.

Option canalisation |Sûti
SUTI poele à pellets sans bruit
SÛTI Mode Silence